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What is WOVR & Repairable Cars?

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What is WOVR?


We here at GC auto restore accident damaged cars.

  • What is "Repairable Cars"?
  • What is "Repairable Write off Cars"
  • What is the WOVR (Written Off Vehicle Register")?

This is all carefully selected, light damage cars. And the professionally repaired by our carefully selected panel beaters, the same panel beaters that repair your car should your insurer decide to pay directly for the repair.

There are however many benefits for the insurer to “write off” the vehicle, and thereby be completely released from cost and responsibility of repairing.

Due to these scams, there is hardly any cars at the retail value under $10,000 being insurer’s repaired these days. The insurer simply make more money by on selling the private repairers.

Some of the benefits for the insurer;
No responsibility, the car sold on the auctions are final. There are disclaimers in place giving the buyer no option of come back. Contrary, it is very common that the owners dissatisfied with repairers, and in the end demand replacement anyway.

They get their money anyway;
The balance of the premium is confiscated by the insurer.

There is always a good part of insurers excess.
High excess apply to P plate drivers, and other “high risk” policyholders, and excess can be adjusted after the accident if needed. (I recently mediated in an insurers claim, in this case the access was changed from $700 up to $2000.)

Finally there are so called inspection fees of around $500.00 applicable on all vehicles, a fee that have to be paid in order for the new owner to reregister the vehicle.

There are certainly benefits for the insurance company, the money they collect in the steps above are in the thousands of dollars in most accidents.

Written off vehicles, are getting a bad name in media, and in Government propaganda.

After now 15 years in this industry, one can easily see the agenda of the authorities, had it been financially and politically viable there should be no second hand cars. We are paying subsidies through our taxes to the failing new car industry, the sales dropping and the threatening to shut their Australian operations.

Ooops, here we may slip into a bit of politics as well, but it is part of the deal of staying alive financially in Australia;
The government’s agenda is to have the “wheels spinning”. With the “wheels” we talking about big industry, big finances - and big “egos”. (Although I stay away from that on this website, I have blog sites to deal with the “ego” issues.)

As mentioned they need to protect the car industry, the new car industry, and therefore the second hand market need to be limited. Cars need to be taken off the market, making room for more new cars. The damaged car trading is an excellent instruments for controlling this, and it has been taken to an stupid and ridiculous extreme throughout the State of New South Wales.

In NSW all accidents damaged cars, regardless of how related the damage is, all hail damaged car’s, which is only as cosmetic damaged anyway, and also the storm affected car’s are all banned from being repaired - and sent straight to metal recycling.

I recently watched a Sydney auction with 60 to 70 brand-new car’s, that it would lessen hundred kilometers travelled - and of course fully drivable. These vehicles were all sold for dismantling and metal recycling only.

So the Government is looking after the big car industry for your - with your money, now the next big industry is that banking sector - the banksters - as they been called. Forcing you to buy a new car, would also force you to go to the bank and borrow money, normally in debt for much longer than the normal lifespan of the vehicle you are buying.

So know your Government of looking after their banking industry, on the expense of you the remaining in debt throughout your productive life span. Keeping your poor and hungry, eager to go back to work on Monday keeping the big wheels spinning.

And there we have the third agenda; Keeping the workforce trapped in their financial imprisonment, all the talk about freedom, democracy and opportunities - but is it a reality?

As a worker, in any country, you have to be poor, which supposed to motivate you to go back to work on Monday. You have to be sick, reminding you that you need the Government and the sickness industry to look after - and thereby their justification to take most of your earnings away from you.

And you have to be under a bit of stress, you have to be afraid, just a little bit afraid, that’s where you are controllable - and you realize that you are lucky little creature that have big brother and Government looking after your

So there you have the Government agenda for the 95% of the people in any Western society;
    Keep them poor so they are motivated.
    Keep them sick, reminding them that the odd dependent and in need of Government.
    Keep them afraid, keeping them aware that they need government and authority protection.

Weapon isn’t dangerous – operators are.
There are no weapons that of dangerous, weapon can’t shoot anyone and weapons con to kill anyone. It is normally just a piece of metal shaped in a certain way.

People dangerous when the handling these items carelessly, they need to put in a small container with explosives - and then accidentally or purposely push a trigger button. Sometimes it done as a stupid accident, but in most cases it is done consciously for the purpose of harming animals or human beings.

Please keep in mind that every time you cook your dinner in the kitchen, you are using the most dangerous murder weapon known to mankind throughout our history. Your knife!!!


Cars 4 Backpackers

Vehicles are much the same; they not dangerous at all, vehicles doesn’t cause accidents ! Full Stop.
People, vehicle drivers are dangerous, they cause accidents, and they kill their fellow drivers.
We kill each others on the road by going too fast.
We kill ourselves - and maybe others by falling asleep behind the steering wheel.
We killed by allowing ourselves to be distracted, by radio, mobile phones and now even televisions in the cars.

I am researching, but I’m yet to find the accident caused by cars falling apart, wheels falling off or other drastic things. Please advise me if you have such statistics available.

Here at GC Auto, you can be in fall from the start, we select your vehicle at the auctions, purchase it, inspect it and repair it - and you drive away.

For other vehicles, possibly already in the system, we always have before and after pictures available on all vehicles, and you will find that many of them have hardly any visible damage before repair.





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