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The Gold Coast is a big place, some 50 km from the NSW border up to Century Cove in the north end. And although public transport are improving every year, the distances and the infrastructure still make it close to impossible to get around without your own transport.

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Car Rental with an “Option to Buy”!

Car rental options – affordable and immediate access to your new car.

GC Auto Car RentalMy name is Olle, here with my partner Connie, and I am a retired car mechanic that still likes to work on the car's, just love turning ordinary cars into extra ordinary cars - safe, reliable and beautiful car's

My passion is also the reason I’m running this club for car owners and car fanatics, that way I’m able to help in ‘both ends’ of the deal

We also found out that we can help many people get a better and safer car, by at allowing a bit of leeway on the payment of the car. . Giving “Leeway”, but we are not financing here at GC Auto, and we are not giving any credit.

Our rental contracts, in combination with your exclusive option to buy the car at any time you choose, gives you absolutely full control of your purchase. The contract details, and in fact the entire contract is provide below.

This is like Test Driving the car for ever, always maintain the option of returning the car if you’re not happy with it. The bond you're paying for the car is fully deductible against the purchase, but also fully refundable should you decide to return the car.

Rent payed is very competitive, in fact a lot less money than what you pay on a standard outright rental elsewhere.

So, as the ‘Aussie Saying’ goes, "it's a no-brainer".



 Rent and Pay Your new car!!

  • It is economical
  • It is flexible.
  • It allows you full control.

It is peace of mind, free service, return the car if you don’t like it - or keep it forever if you like.

Sample Illustration on a $8,000.00 motor car.

We do a simple rental contract, the customer pays $1,500 refundable bond - and then rent the car for $130.00 per week. (Plus Insurance, on this car minimum $8.00third party /$ 20.00 / w full comprehensive cover.)

The car can be returned at two weeks’ notice at any time during the contract, and the bond will be returned within 10 days after closure.

Alternatively, both full bond and 80% percent of rental fees, can be deducted against the purchase of the car.

Yes, it’s up to You India, you can purchase the car at any time during the rental period! Purchase price $ 7,900.00 less 100% of Bond paid $ 1,400.00, 100% of interim surplus payments, and less 80% of weekly rent $105.00 /w.

Mazda 2 Genki - 2006 - 5 door Hatch Automatic.
Sales price is set to $7,900.00 as a pre-purchase rental – including an option to purchase the car at any time. Cash prize may be slightly less.

Bond payment for rental contract;    $ 1,400.00
(Fully refundable if car is returned in good condition, or fully deductible if the car is purchased.)

Weekly rental for the car;    $ 130.00 per week
for a Full Comprehensive insurance;    $ 20.00 per week
(Replacement value on the car; $ 9,000.00 – in case of serious damage without insurance cover. Insurance excess as per insurers instructions.)

Including in this rental contract is a ,” first option” to purchase this car.
In case the buyer decide to purchase the car both Bond payment, aprox, 80% of rental fees as well as additional volunteer installments are deducted against the purchase price.

During the rental contract, the car will have free services performed on a back to base condition by Aadvanced Engineering Pty Ltd.

This is a very safe, flexible and peace of mind way to purchase cars.
The money paid is a lot less than normal rental cost - thus you cannot lose should you decide to break the contract.

The car will be serviced by the owner, thus guarantee is in place that the car is working.
Ware parts such as brake, tyres, wheel alignment and similar will be charged if replaced.
Please monitor Tyre Pressure at about 38 Psi and Alignment, car “pulling to whine side or the other.

The car is delivered with a 4 - 6 months registration – extension of registration thereafter is to be covered by the driver / client.

You can at any time pay the balance towards the agreed purchase price, and the car is yours.

Rent Your Car


Vehicle Rental Purchase agreement / option.

Between the parties; Ms Australia and Aadvanced Engineering Pty Ltd.

How it works
   Option; “First right, but no obligation to acquire the said asset”.
    You rent the vehicle for an unspecified period of time.
    Paying an initial Bond Payment of $1,400.00 when signing the contract.
    The rent is set to a minimum of $130.00 per week. (Payable weekly or fortnightly in advance.)
    Additional costs;
    Third party insurance is a requirement, $8.00 per week, full comprehensive insurance is optional, $19.00 per week. Requirement for P-license drivers and cars valued over $ 5,000.00.
    Approximately 80% of rents paid ($105.00) are deductable against the future purchase price in case the driver decides to purchase the vehicle. Should the driver decide not to purchase, the full rent paid is forfeited, charged as normal rental cost.
    100% of bond-payment and additional volunteer payments are deductable at purchase.
    The driver may buy the vehicle at any time during the rental period.
    Each week or fortnight, the driver pays the required rental fee as per agreement with Aadvanced.
    Defaulting on payment may cause cancelation of contract and loss of paid rent.
    Once the rent payments accumulate to the agreed amount of $7,900.00*, full title to the vehicle may be passed to driver, / contract holder.

How Aadvanced Makes It Easy for You Australia:
    80% of rents paid may be deducted against the vehicle purchase price.
    You can purchase the car at any time without penalty
    You can make extra payments at anytime. (100% towards the purchase.)
    The car is covered with 1 months (back to base) warranty and service support for the entire contract period.

Vehicle Driver (Contract holder);
    Ms Australia
    1 / 24 xxxxxxxxxx Drive
    Surfers Paradise QLD 4117
    Phone;  0478 090 000

Additional nominated driver;

Vehicle owner;
    Aadvanced Engineering Pty Ltd
    Olle Persson, Mobile;  0402 099 248
    Po Box 88
    Mudgeeraba QLD 4213
    Phone;  07 5630 1276

    Mazda 2, Hatchback, Automatic 4 Cyl.
    Built;  2 / 2006
    Colour; Grey.
    Engine; 1.5 L  /  336 662 XXX
    Vin; JM0DY10Y200555666

The vehicle is serviced and maintained by Aadvanced Engineering, including new oil, filters and spark plugs before delivery on 0th August 2015.

The cost of additional wear parts is to be covered by the driver. If possible, the service  / repair work would be carried out by Aadvanced Engineering. Minor service and repairs can be carried out at the driver’s after agreement with Aadvanced Engineering, however, in case of any issues with the car Aadvanced Engineering need to be contacted and have the option to negotiate  and / or organise the repair work. (Requesting back to base warranty repair.)

The vehicle should be checked on a monthly basis, issues to inspect may be; all fluids in the car, filters, tyre wear & pressure 38 Psi, breaks, light bulbs etcetera.

It is strongly advised that the driver take out an RACQ membership and have a roadside assist inclusion.

Aadvanced verifies that the vehicle is serviced, has Road Worthy Certificate, is safe and registered through to the 20th of October 2015. The Driver is to cover costs of registration from this date, registration and insurance fees may not interfere with rental payments.

The vehicle is covered by one month ‘back to base’ warranty, all repairs being done at Aadvanced Engineering premises.

Mudgeeraba the 3rd of August 2015

Ms Australia           /////               Olle Persson



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