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The GC Auto Concept;

GC Auto Car Restoration / Trading is a web-based service that promotes and facilitates private Savings and Profits on family motoring, also known as peer-to-peer (“P2P”) service sharing. The GCAuto and Buy-Your-Car platform connects and educate Motor Vehicle owners in purchase, repair, service and sale on how to convert an huge household expense into a positive cashflow.

GC Auto Motoring Community Services;

The benefits, the expertise / support of the GC Auto services extends to several areas;

  • Purchasing the vehicle, be it through auction, eBay, motor market or websites or local media classified.
  • Inspection and assessment of vehicles.
  • Transport, service, repair and following roadworthy inspections and registration.
  • Maintenance and service of vehicles.
  • Value adding for maximum sales price, what to do and not to do.
  • Sales of the vehicle, when and how to cash in on your deal.

GC Auto fills a gap in the lower price range market not currently serviced by the established carsales industry .

GC Auto is not a Car Dealer and company, or motor vehicle repair/service institution of any form. We are an online community connecting families, car owners and motor enthusiasts who are no longer prepared to pay the high Car Ownership Costs and want more choices.

Car Owners can list their car, as well as a left over car parts, for free at the GC Auto websites, and in addition have GC Auto’s experts assisting them in their purchase.




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